Zach Scott
Chicago, IL


2020 Exhibitionisms, Chicago, IL (postponed to October due to covid19)
2018 Rendr, Chicago, IL
2016 Loop Dreams, New York, NY
2014 Roundabout Projections, Melbourne, Australia
2014 Desktop Artists, The Lucky Jotter, Blackpool, United Kingdom
2013 Moving the Still: A GIF Festival, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, NY
2012 Moving the Still: A GIF Festival, Art Basel, Miami, FL




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2017 Projections, video for Falease single “Come Up in a Minute”
2017 “Sticker Pack” (collection of 25 transparent GIFs designed to be overlaid on text messages) for Giphy
2015 Logo GIF animation, Rhizome Seven on Seven Conference, New Museum, New York City, NY
2014 Promotional GIF animations for “Hey USA!” web series
2014 GIF for 15 Folds web exhibition “EVOLUTION”,


Participating artist in upcoming book by Silent Academy, Why Make Anything?
Off the Air, Season 6, Episode 3, “Work”. Adult Swim, November 9, 2016.
Giphy Artist, 1.8 billion views.