Rendr: May 2, Chicago

For those in the Chicago area, please drop by the Rendr exhibition on May 2nd, from 5:30 – 8:00 pm. I’ll be showing an installation I’ve been working on for the last few months which uses a set of 5 Raspberry Pi (inexpensive computers) units, speakers, microphones, and displays. It also involves speech recognition, text-to-speech, custom dictionaries and language models, and Python. I enjoyed teaching myself all sorts of new things (for example, Linux and Python) in order to put it together. I’ll post some documentation (both video of the installation and code) afterward for those who can’t see it in person.

Hello World

This website is new and still has the feel of a dentist’s waiting room. My last website ( was born in 2011 and suddenly died on January 24, 2018, when I killed it in the midst of a social media freakout. It was a Tumblr site. When I started it, I was learning how to make GIFs and thought I’d post my experiments. I kept doing that for a long time, and Tumblr was a very useful platform for the medium. But when I started working with video, randomized web sites, projections, and sound installations, it became a very bad platform for sharing what I was making.

This may turn out to be a bad place for sharing what I’m making, also, but at least I own it and it will be my fault this time around. 🙂